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Cork, Ireland

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Trophies and Representative Players


Douglas Hall - in brief
Douglas Hall AFC was founded in 1971 and since then has grown from very humble beginnings to be one of the biggest clubs in Cork. Within the greater Douglas area, encompassing a population of over 7,000 in Grange, Donnybrook and Rochestown, we continue to provide football from Under 7 up to adult level.

Our Senior team is playing in the Munster Senior League, Premier Division and has been built on players progressing from our Schoolboy section. In our 2004/05 Senior panel, 16 players have played schoolboy football with the club out of a total panel of 19. The Seniors have steadily progressed and made a breakthrough in 2004/05 by qualifying for the FAI Intermediate cup Semi-Final.

Our previous best performance in the Intermediate cup was in 1994/95, when we qualified for the "last 10" in this competition and, as a result, also progressed to the open draw of the FAI Senior Cup, where we hosted and drew with Monaghan Utd., but lost the replay. In 2004/05, we had our first victory in the Senior Cup, defeating Moyle Park 2-0 in the first round, moving onto the Open Draw phase of the competition.

We also have two Junior sides - one affiliated to the Munster Senior League and the second with the Cork AUL. The Munster Senior League Juniors are a Premier Division team, mainly composed, again, of players who moved through the Douglas Hall ranks. Almost all of this team have played schoolboy football with the 'Hall. The AUL Junior side are playing in Division 1 of the AUL Junior leagues and have maintained this league status for a number of seasons.

Youths has been a very successful grade for the club, with a succession of trophies won in the early 2000's. This has, again, developed from our schoolboy section with players "graduating" to Under 17 and Youth ranks. We play our Youths football in the Cork AUL.

In recent years, we have seen a number of club players making breakthroughs at international level.

  • Kevin Mulcahy, Ireland Under 14 and 15
  • Colin Doyle, Ireland Under 17, 19 and 21
  • Mary Barrett, Ireland Under 17 and 19
  • Patrick Carroll, Ireland Olympic Training squad
  • Declan O'Connell, Ireland Amateur
  • Kevin O'Brien, Ireland Under 16
  • Gearoid Morrissey, Ireland Under 15
  • Conor Hourihane, Ireland Under 15 & 16

Roll of Honour

2011/2012 MSL Donie Forde Cup
AUL Division 1 League
Schoolboys League Under 12 Div 5
2010/2011Keane Senior Cup
MSL Junior Premier Division
MSL Junior Supercup
2009/2010Beamish Senior Cup
MSL Junior League Cup
2008/2009MSL Junior Premier Division
Murphy Youths Cup
2007/2008Beamish Senior Cup
MSL Junior Premier League
MSL Junior League Cup
Under 13 League
Ladies Under 12 Cup
2006/2007MSL Junior League Cup
2005/2006Ladies Under 18 League
Ladies Under 18 Cup
2004/2005Beamish Senior Cup
AUL Junior Corinthians Cup
Under 14 Division 1 League
Ladies Under 18 League
Ladies Under 16 League
Ladies Under 16 Munster Cup
Ladies Under 16 Cup
Ladies Under 14 League
Ladies Under 12 League
2003/2004Youths League Cup
2002/2003MSL Junior League Division 1
Murphy Youths Cup
Under 17 Teddy Healy Cup
Under 16 Premier League
Ladies Under 14 League
Ladies Under 14 Cup
2001/2002Cork AUL Youths Premier League
Cork AUL Under 17 Teddy Healy Cup
Ladies Division 1 Senior League
2001/2002Colin Doyle signs for Bermingham City
Kevin Mulcahy signs for Aston Villa
2000/2001Munster Senior League Division 1
Cork AUL Youths Cup
Cork AUL Youths League Cup
Cork AUL Youths Premier League
Cork Schoolboys League, Under 12 Division 1
Ladies Under 14 League
Ladies Under 14 Cup
1999/2000Munster Senior League Pop Keller Cup
Cork AUL Youths Cup
Cork Schoolboys League, Under 15 Division 1
Cork Schoolboys League, Under 13 Premier League
Ladies Under 14 League
1998/99Cork AUL Youths League Cup
Cork Schoolboys League Under 12 Cup
Ladies Under 12 Cup
1997/98Cork Schoolboys League, Under 11 Cup
Cork Schoolboys League, Under 16 Cup
1995/96Cork Schoolboys League, Under 13 Division 1
1994/95FAI Senior Cup Qualification
Cork Schoolboys League Under13 Premier League
1993/94Cork AUL Division 3 League
Cork AUL President's Cup
Cork Schoolboys League Under 12 Premier League
1992/93Munster Senior League Over 35 Cup
Cork AUL Youths League Cup
Cork Schoolboys League Under 11 Cup
1990/91Cork Schoolboys League Under 15 Division 1
1989/90Cork AUL Youths Division 2
1987/88Munster Junior Cup
1986/87Cork AUL St. Michael's Cup
Cork Schoolboys League, Under 14 Division 1
1985/86Cork Area, Under 13 Troy Cup
1984/85Cork AUL Division 2 League
1983/84Cork AUL Premier League
Cork AUL AOH Cup
1981/82Cork Area FAI Junior Cup
Cork AUL President's Cup
1977/78Cork AUL Division 1
Cork AUL O'Keeffe Cup
1974/75Cork Schoolboys League, Under 12 Cup
1973/74Cork AUL Division 2 League

Representative Honours

2007/2008Ireland Amateur
Declan O'Connell
Munster Senior League
Declan O'Connell
David Moore
Seamus Long
Cork Kennedy Cup
Robert Lehane
2006/2007Ireland Amateur
Declan O'Connell
Nominated for Amateur Player of the Year
Munster Senior League
Declan O'Connell
David Moore
Seamus Long
MSL Junior
Gary Aherne
2005/2006Ireland Amateur
Declan O'Connell
Ireland Under 16
Kevin O'Brien
Ireland Under 15Conor Hourihane
Gearoid Morrissey
Ireland Ladies Under 19Mary Barrett
Munster Senior LeagueDeclan O'Connell
David Moore
Cork Under 15Steve Mahon
Cork Under 14Paul O'Halloran
Jack Walsh
Cork Under 12Robert Lehane
2004/2005Ireland Amateur
Declan O'Connell
Ireland Ladies Under 17 & 19Mary Barrett
MSL JuniorGary Aherne
Cork Under 16Patrick Carroll
Cork Under 14Robert Creagh
Steve Mahon
Cork Under 13 (Kennedy Cup)Michael Carroll
Dean Kelly
2003/2004Cork AUL YouthsSeamus Long
Shane Kennedy
Adrian O'Donovan
Derek O'Sullivan
Stephen Barry
Cork Under 15Patrick Carroll
Cork Schoolboys League, Under 15 Player of the YearPatrick Carroll
2002/2003Cork AUL YouthsPaddy White
Seamus Long
Ricky O'Sullivan
Shane Kennedy
Adrian O'Donovan
Cork Under 16Dave O'Connell
David Hackett
Alan O'Donovan
Stephen Bermingham
Cork Under 14Patrick Carroll
Eoin O'Leary
2001/2002Ireland, Under 15Kevin Mulcahy
Munster Senior LeagueDavid Moore
John Healy
Andrew Goulding
Cork AUL YouthsDamien O'Callaghan
Keith O'Callaghan
Cormac O'Grady
Robert Heffernan
Declan O'Connell
Cork Under 15Dave O'Connell
Kevin Mulcahy
Ian Shortland
David Hackett
Stephen Bermingham
Gareth Twomey
Cork Kennedy Cup, Under 13Patrick Carroll
Eoin O'Leary
2000/2001Ireland, Under 14Kevin Mulcahy
Munster Senior LeagueAidan Cotter
Gerry McGreevy
Gavin Roche
Robbie Bermingham
John Healy
Cork AUL YouthsPaul Rose
James O'Leary
Derrick Bowen
Brian Wilkinson
Declan O'Connell
Cork Under 15Colin Doyle
Stephen Barry
Cork Under 14Stephen Bermingham
Kevin Mulcahy
David Hackett
Robert Rose
1999/2000Cork AUL YouthsBilly O'Neill
Gerard O'Donovan
Derrick Bowen
Cork Kennedy Cup, Under 13Stephen Bermingham
Kevin Mulcahy
David Hackett
Robert Rose
1996/97Cork Kennedy Cup, Under 14Brendan Sweeney
Andrew Fealy
1995/96Munster Senior LeagueAidan Cotter
Cork Kennedy Cup, Under 14Joseph McSorley
Brendan Sweeney
Andrew Fealy
Cork Schoolboys League, Under 14 Player of the YearBrendan Sweeney
1994/95Munster Senior LeagueKevin Fitzpatrick
Cork AUL YouthsRaymond O'Connell
Cork Kennedy Cup, Under 14Albert Clarke
1993/94Cork Kennedy Cup, Under 14Kevin Cannon
Cork Schoolboys League, Under 11 Player of the YearPaul Rose
1991/92Munster Senior League, Oscar TraynorColm Lyons
1987/88Cork AULBertie Cullinane
Andy Lehane
1986/87Cork Kennedy Cup, Under 14Brian McSweeney
Mick O'Connor
1985/86Cork Kennedy Cup, Under 14Jimmy Glacken
Jerry Breen
1983/84Cork Kennedy Cup, Under 14Jeremy Orr
Rory O'Connor
1981/82Cork AULGerard Connolly
1979/80Cork AUL YouthsNoel O'Sullivan
1977/78Cork AULC.J. Harrington
1975/76Cork AULCyril Kavanagh

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